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The Mobile Platform for Communications

theCOMMSapp™ (communications app) is a native app technology platform that allows any organization that has a targeted audience to have direct access to these important individuals and to communicate directly with them via their iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices. In only a few weeks, any company can have their own communications app available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play and provide all company constituents with company information that can include presentations, videos, audio podcasts, photographs, media placements, fact sheets and marketing materials.

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Platform as a Service

Cloud-based content management system (CMS); easy upload and pushing/sharing of content (documents and multi-media).

No System Integration Needed

Completely independent of corporate network and systems; hosted by Amazon Web Services.

Easy Implementation

Turn-key/Ready to deploy in less than a month

The companies and investors that follow our research are more often than not on the road and not at their desks behind a personal computer. But we know they are always on their mobile device. theCOMMSapp’s communications platform provided us with an easy way to organize our research and then to be able to push it out directly to our customers’ mobile devices.

Jeffrey Kraws

Chief Executive Officer, Crystal Research Associates