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Communications Industry Investing More in Technology

APPrise Mobile and PRSA recently teamed up to survey over 700 communications professionals for their second annual Technology Trends in the Communications Industry report. Survey results indicate an increased reliance on mobile technology

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Truck Drivers Don’t Have to Be Alone

The trucking industry, one of the U.S.’s major deskless workforce sectors, is struggling to recruit drivers despite an increase in demand for them due to a surging freight market. While many are inclined to believe that this situation is a result of compensation issues; however, the reality is a key part of the problem is a lack of communications and engagement with these employees who typically work long hours alone.

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APPrise Mobile Welcomes

mccallum disability services

Who: McCallum Disability Services, headquartered in Ballarat, Australia, provides a large range of programs and services to people with disabilities and helps maximize their opportunities in community life.

What Product: theEMPLOYEEapp

Interesting Fact: Last year McCallum Disability Services supported and assisted over 100 disabled employees in working more than 90,000 hours combined, an average of 900 hours per employee.

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Employee Benefit News: Springfield Clinic Connects Medical Staff via APPrise Mobile App

With 2,300 medical and administrative employees in over 50 different locations, Springfield Clinic struggled to effectively communicate with and engage both their deskbound and deskless workers. Rather than relying on outdated tools such as their internal e-newsletter, Springfield Clinic turned to mobile technology and implemented theEMPLOYEEapp to reach their employees to keep them informed about everything from corporate news to emergency alerts.

Click here to learn more about how Springfield Clinic is using theEMPLOYEEapp to streamline internal communications.

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Another great success at the 2nd Annual #APPriseMobile Client Summit – so many #internalcomms pros sharing their #mobile experiences – here are some key takeaways:


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