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Delta Airlines – Can You Hear Me?

Just a few weeks ago, Delta Airlines was forced to cancel a number of flights and made a lot of headlines while doing so. The reason for the cancellations? The phone lines were too busy! In today’s digital society, Delta employees were forced to rely on old school telephone communications.  And in doing so, they received busy signals when they tried to call in to find out about their schedules.  But they couldn’t get their schedules and hence thousands of flights were cancelled.

Click here to read more about Delta’s latest communications challenges and what they could have done to spare themselves so much grief.


APPrise Mobile Welcomes

select energy

Who: Select Energy Services, employing nearly 2,000 people, is a leading provider of water solutions, accommodations and rentals, and wellsite completion and construction services.

What Product: theEMPLOYEEapp

Interesting Fact: Select Energy Services has won multiple Oil & Gas Awards including the Environmental Initiative of the Year Award in 2013.

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Infographic: Healthcare Communications Professionals Chime in on Tech Preferences

Nurses, doctors, food service personnel and many other healthcare employees spend almost all of their working hours on their feet caring for patients. To understand how we as communications professionals can better accommodate the needs of a disconnected and front-line workforce, APPrise Mobile conducted a short survey to learn more about this hardworking group of people.

Click here to view the infographic and learn about certain communication trends in the healthcare industry.


Need to Know

APPrise Mobile recently held its inaugural Client Summit in New York City at the Cornell Club. Clients of theEMPLOYEEapp came from all over the U.S. to network and learn from each other. And wow, what a success! The attendees consisted of not only corporate communications, internal communications and HR professionals, but also senior technology professionals supporting these business units.

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