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How I Communicated That – Episode 2: Storytelling and the Communications Industry

During Episode 2 of the new podcast series, Jeff Corbin interviewed Eileen Sheil, Executive Director, Corporate Communications of Cleveland Clinic about the importance of storytelling to the future of communications. This blog shares key lessons that listeners can expect to learn by listening to the podcast.

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Healthcare IT News: Northwell Health Links Employees with Comprehensive Mobile App

There are millions of employees in the healthcare industry, most of who work in disparate areas and are anything but deskbound – this can present serious challenges to an organization’s internal communication strategy. To address this, Northwell Health, the largest private employer in New York, looked to mobile as a strategy to unify its brand and engage with its tens of thousands of employees.

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APPrise Mobile Welcomes


Who: Barnhill ContractingBarnhill Contracting Company offers commercial building, site infrastructure, transportation and asphalt services & is consistently ranked among ENR’s Top Contractors in the US.

What Product: theEMPLOYEEapp

Interesting Fact: Barnhill Contracting Company was founded in 1949 by Robert E. Barnhill using surplus army equipment and machinery purchased from the government after World War II.

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5 Ways to Successfully Deploy and Promote a New Technology

One of the most important aspects of deploying a new technology is to communicate to people how something new isn’t about just having to do something different, but how it will bring value and make their lives easier. Want to learn some cool, creative, and fun ways companies have communicated the what, when and why to their employees regarding their new mobile app?

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Great article by @laurenweberWSJ on the rise of #outsourcing – but who is responsible for communicating w/ these employees?


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