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Should Internal Communications and External Sit Together? Why British Airways Has It Wrong

British Airways recently announced the separation of its internal and external communications functions. However, is this a recipe for success or does it make more sense for internal communications, external communications and HR to work more closely together?

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Workplace Tech & the Three Billion Deskless Employees Left Behind

Over 80% of the global workforce – approximately 3 billion employees – are deskless workers. They are the employees that do not work behind a desk, rely on computers for their work or even have a company email address. It’s time companies rally behind this segment of the workforce who are most in need of being engaged and better communicated with.

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Who: HHHuntHHHunt is a recognized leader in real estate development throughout Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland and South Carolina, creating new homes, apartment communities, and senior living communities.

What Product: theEMPLOYEEapp

Interesting Fact: HHHunt partners with many non-profit organizations to help the communities it serves through efforts that include hurricane relief support as well as food and shelter for homeless families.

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How HR Can Build a Better Relationship With IT

While IT is expected to lead the charge during the evolution of the digital workplace, it will be more successful working closely with adjacent business units, specifically HR. In this byline article from TLNT, theEMPLOYEEapp’s CEO, Jeff Corbin, shares a few ways HR professionals can gain a better understanding of IT’s role, mindset and perceptions so collaboration can be improved

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3 billion global #deskless employees – are they receiving proper #internalcomms? How can they without company provided email addresses and intranets?  More on these forgotten employees in my new blog:
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