Spring has finally arrived—and with it, some exciting developments in the world of mobile. March brought mobile trends and news from Mobile World Congress, which we’ll recap in this edition of Mobile Mindshare. There were also two new reports from O2 and CDW on “The Rise of Mobile in a Connected Society” and “The App Age: How Enterprises Use Mobile Applications.”

Spring fever made its way to APPrise Mobile as well.

For communications professionals, our team helped to deploy theEMPLOYEEapp at Harrah’s hotel in New Orleans. Below we share this experience and hope it will be helpful as you consider your mobile employee communications strategy and the best way to launch an employee engagement program.

For investor relations professionals, we recap our Best Practices in Mobile IR Communications webinar, hosted with Nasdaq and featuring Edwards Lifesciences. From this you will learn how investors are using mobile today, why a forward-thinking mobile strategy can involve both optimized websites and native applications and how you can put these to use in a way that engages this important audience during earnings and beyond.

We hope you are enjoying Mobile Mindshare. If you have any areas of mobile communications that you would like for us to cover in the coming months, please let us know by emailing info@apprise-mobile.com.

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IR Communications & Mobile Best Practices

Earlier this month we co-hosted a webinar with Nasdaq Corporate Solutions and Edwards Lifesciences to explore best practices in mobile IR communications. As Edwards Lifesciences utilizes both a responsive design website and a native app (from theIRapp), they were the perfect fit to discuss the effectiveness of both tools.

On the webinar, Tammy Perry, Senior Manager of Investor Relations at Edwards Lifesciences explained that the company uses mobile technology for everyday investor communications as well as for special events, such as their latest analyst day. Many audience members asked whether the buy- and sell-side are actually utilizing Edwards’ apps and what content was being consumed on these devices. Below is a condensed version of Tammy’s response to these questions:

“More than half of our 22 sell-side analysts have downloaded our IR app. We also decided to implement theCONFERENCEapp last year. A key feature for us was the ability to post presentations real-time throughout the day as each speaker presented, which was appreciated by the attendees instead of having to search for them on our website at a later time. We even had a sell side analyst mention theCONFERENCEapp in two notes: one prior to the conference with a link encouraging investors to download the app, and afterwards, letting clients know how to find the slides.”

“In regards to content consumed, it is mostly press releases and presentations, but we also see usage in webcasts and financial materials, our stock price page and calendar events. We also post some video of our patient stories and see some usage on that material as well.”

Interested in hearing more? Listen to the on-demand version of the webinar by clicking here.

Mobile Views

Mobile World Congress, the biggest mobile show in the world, took place at the beginning of the month in Barcelona. Highly anticipated, the conference featured some of the industry’s top players like Samsung, Android, Sony, LG and HTC. In addition to the usual product announcements, this year focused on expanding the definition and category of mobile and what it means for connected populations across the globe. While we touched on the coming out of wearable technology in a previous blog, now we’ll explore some of the macro trends discussed at the event.

  • Mobile is not just about smartphones and tablets. It is moving into devices and technology that easily integrate into and pervade daily life – for example, “low-power” communications hardware that can tap into Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other existing short-range wireless technologies. This becomes seemingly more important as the world’s mobile population outpaces network antennae and continues to grow in developing countries where network infrastructure struggles to support the mobile population.
  • Network expansion is chugging along. 4G expansion continues across the globe and will be critical to supporting an ever-growing cloud infrastructure—and 5G might be visible on the horizon, despite the fact that no one really knows exactly what form it will take. Companies are touting advantages it could deliver (being faster, smarter and better equipped to manage the Internet of Things) and project a 2020 timeframe for development.
  • With the growth of the shared economy and mobile currency expected to continue, security is more important than ever. Embedded security will be a topic that will become part of the ongoing discussion with respect to the next generation of connected technology. And, this will include initiatives planned around everything from secure payments and solutions for BYOD to enhanced encryption and privacy technologies to protect from increasingly pervasive facial recognition systems.
  • Connectedness is the wave of the future: with more device options available than ever before, from connected vehicles to wearables, consumers are expected to gravitate toward those devices and technologies that present opportunities for interoperability and integration with daily technologies and life.

Need to Know

APPrise Mobile Version 7.1 Coming Soon!

Our platform continues to improve as our upcoming version will include the ability to search text within documents and highlight content in documents with enhanced note taking functionality. For the app administrator, the content management system will also be upgraded, making the upload of content and multimedia an even easier process.

Water Cooler  

Why Harrah’s is Doubling Down on Mobile

Harrahs RollOut Image WaterCooler
Employee communications challenges are industry-agnostic. Whether a company fixes oil rigs, works in private equity or runs a hospital, if employees don’t sit at a desk with instant access to a computer and email, or if the nature of their organization is such that they don’t have regular face-time with management, it can be difficult for employers to ensure that communications are received and consumed across the workforce in a timely fashion. In addition, ensuring that employees have access to the information they need when they need it can also be a challenge.

Recently, APPrise Mobile’s Senior VP of Sales, Heath Shatouhy, visited New Orleans to assists Caesars Entertainment deploy theEMPLOYEEapp at the Harrah’s hotel. Below is an excerpt from a recent blog Heath wrote about this experience.

As you can imagine, communicating with the dozens of different departments (Food & Beverage, Table Games, Housekeeping, etc.) in a targeted and meaningful way can present quite a challenge. Different shifts, guests coming and going, group events – these all require easy access to meaningful communications to make an organization like Harrah’s run smoothly. While traditional methods like signage and pre-shift “buzz” meetings have been relatively effective, the corporate communications teams felt that there was still more that could be done. Seeing that almost every Harrah’s employee owns a smartphone, management quickly realized that the solution was literally in the palm of their hands.

As Harrah’s began rolling out their own branded EMPLOYEE app, everyone was excited to learn about the capabilities that their new app offered. They are able to easily access their payroll information, swap shifts, request time off, and even see what’s on the menu at the employee café- all right through the app. Prior to this, Harrah’s employees had to rely on accessing a desktop computer or employee kiosks, making it very difficult to obtain important company information.

Click here to read the full blog.

APPrise Mobile Welcomes

cowenWho: Corpbanca (NYSE: BCA) is Chile’s oldest operating private bank founded in 1871. Based in Chile, CorpBanca also participates in Colombia and Panama. It also has a branch in New York and a representative office in Madrid.

What: theIRapp

Interesting Fact: Corpbanca is the second largest bank, by assets, in Latin America.