About APPrise Mobile

The native app platform for mobile communications. 


Created for and focused on the communications industry (corporate communications, public relations, investor relations, and HR professionals), APPrise Mobile is an app development platform that allows any organization to have its own proprietary branded app on the public app stores or as part of a MDM or enterprise solution. Its proprietary software allows companies to organize and distribute information as well as to communicate with targeted audiences (e.g. employees/investors) without having to incur the time and expense associated with native app development.


Securely integrates with a company’s active employee directory or other HR information system (HRIS) to provide organizations and enterprises direct access to their employees via the mobile device.



Allows publicly traded company to aggregate all of their investor and corporate information in a single app and to push important corporate information immediately to their investors.


Inform and engage conference attendees before, during and after conferences, analyst days, and any other live event.

There is no better way to appreciate the value of having a communications app than to see it in action.
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